Creative Minds is the brainchild of Sid Love – a successful blogger, reader, an ex-reviewer and an author of M/M fiction. Popularly, he is known for running the site – “The Blog of Sid Love”(now renamed to Love Bytes Reviews) and as an author of DSP publication “Holding on to Hope.”

In the outer-world, Sid is a white-collar professional who has gained an esteemed degree of Masters in Business Administration from one of the top Indian universities. So, work and time management comes easy to him. He also holds a diploma in Graphics Animations and Designing – a course that he took out of mere interest and curiosity.

Sid has been learning the ropes of online book promotion as a writer, book reviewer and book blogger- for quite some time now- so he has a unique advantage of knowing how multiple sides of book publishing and promotion operate.

Sid understands how book bloggers work and what they want to make their jobs easier while also understanding that authors need promotion to be streamlined, easy, less time consuming (so they have more time to write) and above all, affordable.

Creative Minds is geared towards the new author, the ebook author, the small and independent press author, and the mid-list author- the author who doesn’t have a huge marketing budget but wants the most bang for their promotional buck.

Creative Minds aims to offer just that by pairing authors and their books with targeted book bloggers and readers who enjoy the types of books the authors write.

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